EAP Medical Translations is a privately held limited company, created to fulfil a demand for high quality, accurate and timely linguistic services in Portuguese, English and Spanish, to the healthcare industry.

With large and expanding markets for pharmaceutical and medical products, Latin America is an important hub for any global player in the healthcare industry. At EAP, we aim to bridge the linguistic gap between English-speaking global companies and Latin America. Our services are tailored to the most common linguistic needs of players in this industry, including translation, editing, localization, transcription and content analysis.

We work with language and medical/pharmaceutical experts, in order to ensure that your communications are conveyed accurately to your audience. Our freelance and in-house translators, transcriptionists and content analysts undergo a stringent selection process, training and are always overseen by an experienced linguist and/or medical expert.

Our vision is to become the preferred provider of linguistic services in Portuguese, English and Spanish to global companies in the healthcare industry.

If you would like to know how we could help you or your company, or if you would like a quote for your project, please contact our team:

Tel. +44 (0)7506 042 458 or email: info@eapmedicatranslations.com