With a team of in-house and freelance medical experts and translators, EAP is the ideal language partner for healthcare industry players. We can accommodate small translations to full-scale market research projects, including translation, transcription and content analysis. All of our services are offered in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Specialist language review of medical translations

Medical translations

Any form of medical communication is important, and misunderstandings can be catastrophic. The health and safety of patients can be put at risk, whilst the reputation of a company can be destroyed, and lawsuits filed, when source documents are misunderstood. It is, therefore, vital that mistranslations are avoided in order to maintain high patient safety standards. We provide a professional service that includes careful and meticulous review of translations, ensuring that all meanings and terminology correlate entirely with the source document.


Localization of medical content to Brazilian audiences


Simple translations do not consider the fact that different cultures understand information in different ways. With medical translations, this is extremely important as patients and physicians have the right to fully understand the information being conveyed, particularly when their safety and the safety of others is at stake. With our combined experience and understanding of medical terminology and local language, we can provide localisation services that ensure that translations are not just accurate; they are understandable and accessible to the target audience.


Linguistic consultancy: Brazilian Portuguese for the medical industry

Linguistic consultancy

We lend our expertise in medical translations to larger projects involving several stakeholders. We work with your team of translators to ensure that large translation projects are accurate and consistent.

By creating glossaries and style guides, as well as directly mentoring and advising translators, we ensure that large projects are accurate and consistent across files.

Translation: Portuguese/English/Spanish <> Portuguese/English/Spanish


With a team of native speakers of our working languages and medical experts, our translations are linguistically accurate and also flow naturally. We make your manuals, protocols, questionnaires and appsread as if they’d been written originally in the target language.


Transcription: Monolingual or Brazilian Portuguese/Spanish> English


We transcribe audio and video files, usually from healthcare market research studies. Our transcriptions are fast, error-free, and usually carried out by transcriptionists who are native to the source language country, in order to ensure that colloquialisms, expressions, and local medical lingo are accurately captured.

content Analysis


We analyse audio/video market research IDIs, TDIs and focus groups. This service involves capturing data from audio/video interviews into a template, as primary and/or secondary format, and including quotes from the interviews to illustrate and corroborate the data captured. This enables market research agencies to generate actionable insight for their clients.