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This is a compilation of the online glossaries that I use and those recommended by other translators. Some glossaries may include terms in up to 4 languages, but I have taken care to select only glossaries that contain terms in English, Portuguese or both. All glossaries in this list are free and have been arranged by topic. This list is by no means exhaustive (This post will be updated whenever I become aware of a new glossary).
For more information on the use of glossaries please check – “Why use dictionaries and glossaries?


Elero glossary of automotive terms. English only.

Business and Manufacturing:

Glossary of Enterprise and Industry by the European Commission. English only.

Glossary of cosmetic ingredients. English only.

European Union:

  • IATE database: Interactive Terminology for Europe. Shows synonyms and variants in different EU languages. For example, if you have a term used in English in the EU, you can look up its official translation to any other EU languages.

Olive oil glossary of the International Olive Oil Council. English only.

Linguee: this is a term search engine in several languages. It searches the Web for translations of a term in a particular language pair; it can be quite useful, but needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, as there are many bad translations on the web. Several language combinations, including English > Portuguese.

European Commission Glossary of Justice and Home Affairs. English only.
English to Portuguese glossary of legal, accounting and finance terms
Glossary of the Brazilian Supreme Court. Portuguese, Spanish and English.
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston glossary of financial crisis terms. English only.
Glossary of the European parliament on financial crisis. Available in English, Portuguese and other EU languages.
BBC layman’s glossary on the financial crisis. English only.
Investopedia glossary of investments. English only.



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